What's up at Grassroots:

Indian Contrasts:  Update on our proposed new itinerary for 2019  - TRIP NOW CONFIRMED!  A few places available. 

Having completed the research for the  Himalayan section of the itinerary last year Judy and I visited India in June to check out the other component of the new itinerary, the Tiger Reserves of Central India.   And, Tigers we saw!  Fourteen in fact plus a leopard, it was all very exciting.  Game viewing in the parks was a "busy affair" for as well as the big pussycats we saw lots of amazing birds, some of which were stunningly beautiful, albeit a tad camera shy and numerous species of monkeys, deer and antelope. Also, came across a creature I'd never heard of,  the Gaur -  the World's biggest wild cow. Also called the Indian bison, the Gaur is a jungle-dwelling species, native to the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia.  

Photos, from both sections of the trip are now uploaded to the "Travellers Gallery"  section.  It certainly is going to be a trip of contrasts!  Quite an adventure. 



Travelling Group News:

East African Safaris,  181 & 182, have both return. They were AWESOME,   photos are now uploaded.  


Pre Trip Meetings:



Post Trip Reunions:

USA: Western Parks Reunion   -    Weekend of 16/17  March 2019 

To be held in Oamaru  - a weekend  of photos and catch-up. A great opportunity to relive the memories, however I do have sad news as Bob and Sharon can't be with us, as Bob has had another eye operation and won't be able to travel for a few months.   They are so disappointed that they can't make the trip this year, so let's hope it will be third time lucky!