Some of Bolivia's most dramatic landscapes are visited
The Salar de Uyuni, the World's largest Salt plain,  Bolivia
Having fun on the Salt Plains
Volcanoes and other geo-thermal landscapes are a feature on this trip.
Taking time to appreciate the wonder of this vast white expanse.
Uyuni Train Cemetery,  Bolivia
The amazing tile-like patterns created  by the salt.
The flamingos and llamas took little notice as we drove by.
 Huge cacti are found on Fish "Island" on the salt plain
Hiking through the harsh moon-like landscape near the Boliva/Chile border.
Llamas and Alpacas seem to thrive in this barren  environment.
4WD's are used for the crossing.
Flamingo catching his dinner.
A stunning sunset, near San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
Snowcapped mountains San Pedro de Atacama region, Chile.
A fresh fall of snow added to beauty of the scene, Chile.