Policemen on horseback, Mexico City
A  Cuban carpark - this could be a scene from the late 50's
Old methods prevail in the countryside, Vinales (Cuba)
A typical casa bedroom with attached bathroom, Cuba
Ye Haa!  Riding  "Thomas" the water buffalo, Cuba
Listening to the band at sunset, Cienfuegos (Cuba)
Cuba could be called "the island of rocking chairs", they are everywhere!
Life's a beach  -  Playa  Ancon, Cuba
Uxmal, an ancient Mayan city, Mexico
Colourful Cuban pottery
Che Guevara, a Cuban hero
"Gorgeous Tulum Beach, Mexico
Tulum's ancient Mayan City, what a location!  (Mexico)
Dining beneath a huge Ceiba tree, Trinidad
Santa Clara's historic La Caridad Theatre, built in 1885 (Cuba)
Our chatty mule cart drivers, Cienfuegos  (Cuba)
Trinidad de Cuba, a beautiful colonial  town, Cuba
The streets of Camaquey,  Cuba
Boots and hats, Mexico
Street entertainers in the Plaza, Trinidad de Cuba
Caribbean  Sunset, Tulum  Mexico
A colonial  courtyard, Trinidad de Cuba
Horses carts are very common on Cuban streets
Heading out for a ride, Trinidad de Cuba
The old colonial streets are fascinating, Cuba
Having breakfast in a casa garden, Cuba