A Blue-footed Boobie, Galapagos
Magnificent Frigate birds nesting, Galapagos
Fancy me?  a mating posture of the Frigate Bird, Galapagos
Isla Bartolome,  Galapagos
Some islands have pristine white powder-sand beaches, Galapagos
South Plaza island,  Galapagos
Pelican preening himself, Rabida Island,  Galapagos
Sea Lions and Galapagos fur seals abound on the islands.
The Galapagos Red Marine Iguanas.
This greedy Pelican couldn't fit his meal into his bill
Darwin Lake, Isla Isabela - Galapagos
Galapagos Land Iguana.
Giant Tortoise.
Mt Chimborazo, 6268m - Mainland Ecuador.
Traditional weavings,  Ecuador
Ecuadorian cowboys , Cotopaxi
Walking the rim of Cuicocha crater lake,  near Otavalo
Checking out the handicrafts,  Otavalo Markets
Roses are an important Ecuadorian export
Panama Hats from Cuenca.
This little piggy went to market,  Latachunga
Bananas galore,  Latachunga Markets
Mt Cotopaxi in Central  Ecuador.
The Cathedral in Cuenca.
The Monkey Statue of Guayaquil,  Ecuador