Hamer ladies traditional clothing
 Hamer boys become men at their "jumping of the bulls" ceremony, Omo Valley
The Simien  Mountains - dramatic and rugged.
Gelada Monkeys are endemic to Ethiopia
The plateaux of the Simien  National Park
Traditional  farming methods prevail in much of Ethiopia
The children are keen to see their photos.
Ancient illuminated manuscripts of the life of Mary, Yeha Temple
Crowds at the Maryam Tsion Festival, Axum
Climbing up  the escarpment to Debre Miram Kotor
 Debre Miriam Kotor is built on this  high plateau,  what a view!
Daniels Prayer Room, is reached by a narrow cliff path.
Beautiful timeless Tigray
Ben Giyorgis, one of the 12th C. underground churches, Lalbela
The Lalibela churches are carved into the rock below ground level.
The churchs are still active today
Many pilgrims visit the churches.
Many of the churches are churches are intricately carved
A Fish Eagle about to take flight, Lake Chamo
The Mursi tribe women wear clay disks  in their lower lip, Omo Valley
A Dorze hut, is built up to two stories high,
Local traffic
A Grey Lourie - the go-away-bird"
There are many different tribes in the Omo Valley
Trying out a dug-out on the Omo River
Tigrayan ladies in their finery.
The  intensively farmed terraces near Gondor