Vietnam & Cambodia

Travel the length of Vietnam, from the towering limestone outcrops of Ha Long Bay in the North to the tree lined waterways of the Mekong Delta in the South. Explore colonial Hanoi, Imperial Hue and bustling Saigon. Visit the White Thai ethnic minority villages of Mai Chau, ride the Reunification Railroad and cycle through the countryside near charming Hoi An.

Take time to absorb the gentle charm of traditional Vietnam, with its delicious cuisine, great shopping and super friendly people. Vietnam is just delightful! Travel up the Mekong by river boat into Cambodia to visit colonial Phnom Penh, before flying north to Siem Reap to the magnificent temple complex of Angkor Wat.


In the 45 years or so since the end of the “American War,” Vietnam has rushed headlong into the 21st Century. Yet for most, daily life remains largely unchanged - oxen plough the fields and the rice is planted and harvested in time tested ways. Families shop in local markets and fishermen traditionally harvest the sea from little woven boats or huge web-like nets suspended from tall poles.

In spite of reaching out to capture the dubious delights of the modern world, scooters, 4WDs, mobiles, Internet and TV, the people have retained their traditional charm and the overwhelming impression which will soon envelope you, is the warmth and friendliness of their welcome.

This journey through Vietnam is fascinating – involving bus, train, boat, plane and a host of other novel travel modes. Many memories will linger, the smiles and warmth of its people, conical hats and bustling markets, verdant green paddy fields and young girls cycling, so elegant in their flowing white ao dais.

  • Halong Bay – A World Heritage Park, cruise amidst 3,000 islands in a traditional junk. Stay onboard overnight and explore the hidden beaches and coves,  by kayak if you wish.

  • Hanoi – French Colonial heritage, bustling markets, “Water Puppet” theatre.

  • Ethnic Minority Hill Tribe – A 2-day visit to the White Thai minority villages of Mau Chai, including an overnight stay. Walk in the terraced countryside, visit ethnic villages and browse the local markets.

  • Thien Duong Caves – A spectacular World Heritage Site.

  • DMZ Zone –The strip of land that separated North and South Vietnam during the war. Visit the Vinh Hoc Tunnels.

  • Hue – Take a Dragon boat cruise on the Perfume River to visit Imperial Tombs and a Forbidden City.

  • Hoi An – Once an old trading port, today old town Hoi An is a World Heritage Site, perhaps the most charming spot in all Vietnam. Great for countryside cycling.

  • Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) -  A vibrant city where old and new ways blend, wonderful markets.

  • Mekong Delta -  Over two days explore this vast maze of waterways and twisted channels, visit home industries and hand craft communities, fish farms and floating markets. Stay one night in a  simple riverside “home stay” and another in a hotel close to the Cambodian Border.


From the Vietnamese Border travel by river boat up the Mekong River, one of the busiest waterways in South East Asia, to enter Cambodia where there are many interesting sites to see and experience.

Spend time in the capital Phnom Penh, a city of faded colonial glory, before flying to the magnificent temple complexes of Angkor Wat. Built by the Khmer Kings between the 9th and 13th centuries Angkor Wat lay hidden by the jungle for 500 years, lost and forgotten. Now uncovered its vast structures are regarded as one of the Wonders of the World.

  • Phnom Penh - Visit the Silver Pagoda, the Royal Palace, Tuol Sleng Museum and the Russian Markets.

  • Siem Reap - A boat excursion on the Tonle Sap and explore the magnificent temple complexes of Angkor Wat. 

Brief Itinerary Outline (subject to change)

Day 1. Flight to Vietnam

Day 2. Hanoi - arrive late morning, time to recoup after the flight.

Day 3. Hanoi – city sightseeing and Water Puppet Show.

Day 4. Halong Bay – boat cruise to explore the bay and stay overnight on a “junk”

Day 5. Hanoi – visit the Red River Delta before returning to Hanoi.

Day 6. Mai Chau – countryside walking and an overnight stay with a local White Thai minority family.

Day 7. Overnight Train – more walking and local visits before returning to Hanoi and taking the overnight train south.

Day 8. Quang Binh – visit the massive Thien Duong Caves, a World Heritage Site.

Day 9. Hue – visit the DMC Zone and the Vinh Hoc tunnels.

Day 10. Hoi An – sightseeing morning in Hue, then drive to Hoi An.

Day 11. Hoi An – cycle (or tandem motorbike) to a local farm. Enjoy a morning of “helping the farmer” in the fields before “assisting” the cook to prepare a local styled lunch.

Day 12. Hoi An – a free day to enjoy this gorgeous location as you wish.

Day 13. Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) – Fly south to HCMC, explore the Old Downtown area.

Day 14. Ho Chi Minh City – visit the Cu Chi tunnels.

Day 15. Ho Chi Minh City – city sightseeing

Day 16. Mekong Delta – explore the Delta by boat and road. Stay overnight in a riverside home-stay.

Day 17. Mekong Delta- continue exploring the Delta region to stay overnight in Chau Doc.

Day 18. Phnom Penh – take a river boat up the Mekong River, afternoon sightseeing.

Day 19. Phnom Penh – visit the city sights

Day 20. Siem Reap – fly to Siem Reap, afternoon boat trip on the Tonle Sap to visit a school, hospital, fish and crocodile farms.

Day 21. Siem Reap – visit the World Heritage site of Angkor Wat

Day 22. Flight – complete your Angkor Wat visit, afternoon free before taking an evening flight.

Day 23. Arrive Auckland, late afternoon


For the most part travel by private bus/van, giving the freedom to stop and explore the many places which I just know will take your fancy. There will be two internal flights, one Danang to HCMC, the other from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap and one overnight train from Hanoi to Quang Binh.

We will often make use of traditional modes of local transport – cycle taxi and sidecars for cruising city streets and a variety of water-craft of all shapes and sizes as we explore the coastline, journey up rivers and wend our way through the intricate maze of canals and tributaries that make up the Mekong Delta. In addition, there will be bike riding (opt) in Hoi An.

We have included all breakfasts, 8 to 10 lunches and 9 or so dinners as it will often be more convenient and certainly more interesting for you to choose your own menu from time to time. Vietnamese cooking is delicious, with a wide range of fruit and vegetables and cooking styles.

Our hotels are comfortable Star** to Star*** grade. Rooms are normally twin and double-share with private facilities. However, for one or two nights you will stay in a communal-styled home-stay, another night on a traditional Vietnamese junk and one night on an overnight sleeper train.



Trip Code: VC

Planned Date:  Not currently scheduled

Duration: 23 days

Party: 10 to 16 + leader

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