Indian Contrasts, 2019

Photos taken during our IC 191 trip to Central India and Ladakh

The Wagah  India / Pakistan border crossing flag lowering ceremony.
Enthusiastic Indians waving National Flags
The Golden  Temple, Amritsar
Scarves on and ready to enter the Golden Temple, Amritsar.
Waiting to enter the Golden Temple complex
90,000 meals a day means 90,000 plates to be washed each day
In New Delhi we attended a "Bollywood" Show
Visiting  the iconic Taj Mahal
The UNESCO  World Heritage Temples of Khajuraho
The Khajuraho Temples
Orchha's palaces are certainly impressive
The palaces of Orchha date from the 16th and 17th Centuries
Sambar deer
Taking a break on a game drive
Pre dinner social time
Perfect ( photo by KRead)
Tiger crossing between our jeeps (photo by K  Read) - Bandhavgarh
What are you looking at?
Spotted deer, Bandhavgarh National Park
Morning  tea stop, Bandhavgarh
Cooling off in a waterhole
Lunch break on safari - Kanha National Park
An Arch of antlers
Sloth Bear demolishing a termite mound
Tiger reflected  in the waterhole, Kanha National Park
A Gaur - Indian Wild cattle
Spotted  deert
Langur monkeys on the move
This little  ele  had attitude!
Jackal on the run
Barasingha or Swamp Deer
Cultural Evening at Kahna National Park
Peacock in full display
Peacock lowering his tail
Time for a drink
Scops Owl in a tree
A Leopard - what a treat!  Pench National Park
Tiger Family of mum and three cubs coming to a waterhole - Pench
Jackals at a waterhole
A beautiful Indian Roller
Our first decent view of a Tiger - Pench
Damn those  ants!
Lunch break on a game drive
Ready  and waiting for the Park gates to open for our first  Tiger Safari
Happy Birthday Kerry
On our way to Pench Tiger Reserve, we stopped at a local market
Sue, making friends with a street calf.
Mumbai's dhobi  ghats- quite an industry
Mumbai's modern skyline
First  Stop - Mumbai

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